Services provided by Grand Relocation to let out your home succesfully:

  • Intake of your home(s), advice in your needs and wishes to ensure our service is effective and satisfactory
  • Contract setup and finalising
  • Advertising through many channels: the internet, joint ventures, magazines and newspapers
  • Website presentation
  • Check-in/check-out service: Intake report/ inventory list, taking of meter readings and photo documentation
  • Screening and matching of candidate tenants and lessor
  • Payment control and arrangements (deposits and first period rental)
  • Intermediate in corresponding between tenant and lessor during tenancy
  • Transparant fees
  • Direct mailing with all real estate agents in Amsterdam
  • Ownership check-up
  • Possibility for lessee check-up
  • Advice on residence permits
  • All relocation information

Lessor Costs


no matter how much work we put into letting your home, if we are not succesfull there are no charges involved
  • Property letting: 8% of total rental sum over a maximum of 12 months, plus 21% VAT
  • Contract renewal: 250 euro plus 21% VAT

Minimum rental period is 6 months. Renting out shorter (short stay)? Please contact our office directly for more information.

OR Tenant Costs for Search Request


No matter how much time and effort we put into finding you your new home, if we are not successfull there is no charge.
  • Contract of 1-6 months: 50% of one month's rent. Plus 21% VAT Included
    in the above are check-in and check-out costs.
  • Contract of 7 months or more: 100% of one month's rent Plus 21% VAT
    Included in the above are check-in and check-out costs.

The main framework of current Dutch housing is spelled in Residential tenancies
(Rent) act.

Under this act the rent of the dwelling may not be higher than the maximum rent
according to the Residential accommodation point system. Under this system
the quality of a home (features such as floor area, position and facilities) is
expressed in terms of a number of points. There is a maximum rent for each points
total. This relates to the basic rent. In addition to the basic rent there are service
costs., for example for lift maintenance, cleaning the stairwell and lighting common
areas. The tenancy agreement lays down precisely which types of costs are included.

On you can calculate the points for your apartment
in reference to the rental price or you can have a closer look at:


Looking for a professional organisation to manage your properties in the Netherlands? We
Work together with Beheer Mijn Vastgoed to provide various options for service, from
administrative to technical maintainance.

For more information contact Beheer Mijn Vastgoed directly on 0031 (0) 23 5579 600 /
0031 (0)6 20 000 150 or at